Olf Family Farm

For every seed of prayer that is sown there comes a great harvest!  When the Lord spoke to my heart about growing a garden to feed people….(physically and spiritually), I immediately said yes but had no idea what that looked like.  The truth is, we have only lived on this farm for a couple of years and we were Fake Farmers!! We had planted some things and had a little success but it definitely wasn’t going to feed a lot of extra people😂😂 After praying for a season I was told about a ministry called Arise at Jubilee Farms. I immediately knew I needed to speak with this couple. After a short period on the phone, I knew they loved Jesus and loved people.  This is who we wanted to help us and teach us to farm for Jesus!  Fast forward…… they came up to middle Ga with lots of knowledge, all the equipment we needed, seeds on hand, and a heart to help us fulfill our mission! Not only did we plant a garden with tomatoes, peppers, squash, zucchini, watermelon, cantelope, cucumbers, and beans but we planted prayer seeds for those days on our farm.  We not only gained a farmer to help us get set up but we gained friends.  We have had a great year providing food for many local ministries. We have also shared with neighbors, sick people and foster families.  What a sweet way to get to tell people how BIG our God is!!!! Thanks “Arise at Jubilee Farms”!!! Keep letting God use you!!