First Fruits Harvest Table


  1. What do I need to start a outdoor garden?
    a) A location that has full sun without shade for at least 8+ hours per day.
    b) Access to water.
    c) Able bodies to work in outdoor conditions.
  2. Can I grow during the winter months?
    a) Most climates in the USA have the ability to grow vegetables throughout the year. Some locations will require a greenhouse to make that possible.
  3. Do I need a tractor?
    a) No, Arise at Jubilee Farms travels with the equipment necessary to complete the garden.
  4. Why is there a cost to install a community garden?
    a) As a ministry our goal is to provide gardens at a minimal cost. Donations made available will be used to help offset costs.
    i) Minimum costs to consider are travel expenses, lodging, food, fuel, garden/farm material, seed, fertilizer, garden education, continuing education, and personal garden consultation throughout the growing season for your garden ministry.
    ii) Costs do not include offerings or donations to Arise at Jubilee Farms to help further the ministry.
  5. How do I connect with Arise at Jubilee Farms to troubleshoot issues in the Garden?
    a) We provide you with our personal phone number and email for questions or concerns for the current growing season at the time of garden install.
    b) Zoom meetings are scheduled and recorded with all garden ministries every 1-2 weeks to address questions, or concerns. It is a time to share testimonies, garden updates, product information, and to provide continued education. It’s a time to build kingdom community between ministries and to share, pray and encourage one another.
  6. Are there any discounts from companies that partner with Arise at Jubilee Farms?
    a) We are very blessed to inform you that all the gardens we install are eligible to  receive a significant discount on products from . Just let us know and we will connect you with the Tilmor sales department. They have a special discount code specifically for Arise at Jubilee Farms. We will have more companies to add in the future along with complete packages at a discounted rate.
  7. Is Arise at Jubilee Farms planning on being able to install indoor gardens?
    a) Yes! We are currently working on indoor garden plans that are affordable, easy to maintain, and grow high quality produce.
  8. Is there a way to offset the upfront costs of a garden for the next year or growing season?
    a) Yes! We are currently working on subscription plans for ministries that are wanting to grow in the future in order to help off-set initial costs on the garden startup.
  9. Are there some common tools that you will want to have on hand for your garden?
    a) Yes, you will want to have multiple pairs of gloves, garden hoe/action hoe, and a pressurized pump sprayer on hand.